Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving

EDS offers an economical, secure and flexible hosted service that can meet all of your electronic document archiving needs. Our fully redundant, integrated system incorporates powerful enterprise level Document Management software, and provides fully encrypted access over the Internet using standard web browsers.

Based on your needs, we can develop customized solutions that integrate with your business processes and provide fully compliant long-term records archiving. We host your service on our secure servers so there is no need for you to purchase hardware or software, and we manage the service 24×7 to ensure you always have access to your records. Nothing could be simpler. There are no expensive servers, software packages or high capacity storage systems for you to buy, no programmers or IT staff to add to your payroll. Depend on EDS for state-of-the-art security, speed, and accessibility.

your business runs on documents regardless of what department or industry you are in managing your information is(HR,Accounting,Construction,government) a challenge from financial statements and employee records.documents or even construction plans whether paper or digital represent the,critical information you need to keep your business running smoothly but when that information is locked away in storage stock piled in filing cabinets are located on shared drives your employees can waste hours in a day searching for the information they need to do their job  EDS archives gives your organization that time back our archiving services transform your paper and digital files into an intelligent cloud repository we capture organise and index all of your documents with our web and mobile solution you can find the exact document you’re looking for and do a full keyword search to find what you need in a matter of seconds anytime anywhere from any device and because your information is secured in the cloud with advanced encryption and data access controls you eliminate the risk of lost damaged or compromised documents Eds secure document conversion centres intelligent cloud platform and trained employees means you can manage your document
associated with a potential breach of data our turnkey solution aligns with your document retention policies and includes all the tools you need to transformation empowering you to automate your current paper-based workflows driving greater efficiencies stop working at the speed of paper and protect your organisation’s intellectual

you need right at your fingertips

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