Media Destruction Products

Media Destruction Products

EDS is a top supplier of safe & secure data elimination products. We supply products produced by the world’s leading manufacturers such as Garner,
Hitting the delete button or moving items to the waste basket is not sufficient to delete and permanently remove the important / confidential data on your hard drive. The only 100% solution is to degauss or destroy the hard drive.
This is where we can help and provide peace of mind. Contact us for advice on how to safely & securely destroy your confidential stored data.

Media Degaussers

HD-2 Media Degausser
For those who need to permanently erase data from hard drive or tapes, but don’t need a high-volume degausser, the HD-2 offers the perfect solution. The compact HD-2 is ideal in office settings for erasing laptop, desktop, and network high-coercivity (magnetic) drives up to 1.5 inches high

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