Cheques Management

Cheques Management

With the increased acceptance of post-dated cheques (PDC), storage and maintenance issues are much greater than before. Financial departments and institutions find it difficult to keep up with efficient tracking of the cheques received, presentation of cheques for clearing on due dates and storage of PDC.

EDS provides reliable cheque management service that facilitates safe and secure storage of PDC, easy retrieval, tracking based on due dates and presenting the cheques on due dates. The service includes:

  • Secure collection and transport of cheques from the designated locations to our facility
  • Barcoding of cheques and capturing all the relevant data using MICR scanners.
  • The captured details are entered in a customized database application
  • Storage in fire proof safes
  • Retrieval and presentation of cheques on the maturity date
  • Swapping of post-dated cheques with replacements if so required

EDS offers a range of custom tailored Cheques Management solutions to suit your organizational requirements and your budget. When you use EDS, you will benefit from:

  • Greater business efficiency and enhanced productivity
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Assurance of accuracy
  • Reduction in infrastructure and resource costs
  • Foolproof security and legal compliance

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