About us

Who we are

EDS is a privately owned and managed Egyptian company, established since 2007. We provide flexible personalized record management services to businesses and organizations operating in Egypt. Our highly trained staff will work together with you to design, develop and maintain a customized approach to manage your record management needs.

Chairman & CEO: Eng. Yasser Megahed (MBA)

Why EDS?


When you choose EDS to manage your records, you are going to save money!
You will convert your on-site storage space to more profitable use, minimize costs, and reduce errors.
We know that the business of records storage and retrieval is a vendor-client partnership. It’s our job to cooperate with you – to secure and maintain vital business materials and to make them accessible when your operations need them. EDS resources are available to you directly and at any time.
Some of our competitors are large, worldwide companies. But we know that personal service cannot come from an anonymous phone number. When you call EDS, you reach your local facility and the people who know you and your records management program.

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